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Baby Care

Emollient creamDermatological cream for eczema and itchy irritating dry skinSoothes,softens and RehydratesRelieves itchingFragrance free..
KES 1,385
Excluding Tax:KES 1,194
Fast one-minute readout Dependable accuracy Digital Easy to readMemoryAutomatic shut off  ..
KES 139
Excluding Tax:KES 139
Epimax Baby and Junior Cream
Out Of Stock
Gentle & mild emollient moisturiser for all skin types Hypo-allergenicFragrance & colourant freeCetomacrogol & glycerine ..
KES 1,294
Excluding Tax:KES 1,294
Epimax Baby and Junior Lotion 450ml
Out Of Stock
Gentle &mild moisturizing lotion for all skin typesHypo-allergenic fragrance &colorant freeCetomacrogol & glycerine For all skin conditions including eczema and psoriasisNot tested on animals..
KES 1,305
Excluding Tax:KES 1,125
Relieves infant colic and griping painHelps to release windOrange flavourSuitable to use from birth onwardsConvenient-to-use plastic dropper included..
KES 725
Excluding Tax:KES 725
Liptomil Plus 1 Infant Milk Formula 400g
Out Of Stock
From birth to 6 monthswith prebiotics 5 nucleotides and AA-DHABreastfeeding is best. Breast milk is the ideal food for the healthy growth and development of infants and young children. it protects against diarrhoea and other ilnesses ..
KES 1,109
Excluding Tax:KES 1,109
Liptomil Plus HA Hypoallergenic Infant Milk Formula
Out Of Stock
From birth onwards, With prebiotics 5 nucleotides and AA-DHAIron Fortified choline and taurine enriched ..
KES 1,487
Excluding Tax:KES 1,487
Infant formula for healthy infants from birth when they are not breastfed. Optimized Protein Bifidus BLDHA - ARAPremium starter infant formula ..
KES 1,404
Excluding Tax:KES 1,404
Rashtin Diaper Rash Cream 50g
Out Of Stock
Zinc Oxide Vitamin A,D & Aloe Vera CreamPrevents and treats diaper rushes..
KES 233
Excluding Tax:KES 233
Nappy Rash Eczema Surface WoundsSunburnMinor BurnsAcne Bed SoresChilblains..
KES 550
Excluding Tax:KES 474
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