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Oral Health

Made from natural plant extract and oilsRefreshes breath Reduce germ accumulation in your mouthFor Oral healthEliminate Bad breath..
KES 577
Excluding Tax:KES 577
Listerine mouthwash Total Care 250ml
Out Of Stock
6 in 1 benefits Strengthens EnamelProtects GumsProtects against cavitiesReduces PlaqueKeeps teeth naturally white Freshens breath..
KES 500
Excluding Tax:KES 500
pickles oracool mouthwashFresh BreathPrevents Cavitiesstrengthens teeth..
KES 300
Excluding Tax:KES 300
Oral-B Dental Floss Mint 50M
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After brushing, there are spaces between the teeth where food and bacteria accumulate and floss is ideal for removing food debris that may remain on the surface and in the interdental area of the teeth.Oral-B Essential Floss floss with mint wax is a dental floss composed of ..
KES 261
Excluding Tax:KES 225
Sensodyne Herbal Multicare 75ml toothpaste..
KES 538
Excluding Tax:KES 464
Sensodyne Multi Action 40ml toothpaste..
KES 249
Excluding Tax:KES 214
Advanced repair and protect toothpaste clinically proven sensitivity protection and daily repair..
KES 650
Excluding Tax:KES 561
For prompt ReliefToothache solution..
KES 213
Excluding Tax:KES 213
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