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Pain Relief


For quick relief from pain swelling and inflammation..
KES 368
Excluding Tax:KES 368
Paediatric SuspensionShake well before use..
KES 518
Excluding Tax:KES 518
Fast relief from rheumatic pain, muscular aches & strains150 ml..
KES 566
Excluding Tax:KES 566
Reduces InflammationProvides Effective Long Lasting Pain Relief..
KES 766
Excluding Tax:KES 766
Ethylchloride spray 100ml
Out Of Stock
skin anaesthesia for prompt relief of painhighly flammable..
KES 939
Excluding Tax:KES 939
Ibuprofen and ParacetamolShake well before useSafety in children under six months of age has not been proven..
KES 86
Excluding Tax:KES 86
Relieves painReduces feverTreats inflammation..
KES 148
Excluding Tax:KES 148
For quick relief from pain & inflammationSprains,strains,tendinitis,bursitisJoint pain,backache and lumbagoFor quick relief in conditions like muscle stiffness,hand,neck and shoulder pain and pain due to sciaticaLocalised pain in osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis..
KES 214
Excluding Tax:KES 214
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