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A2A Spacer with Mask
Out Of Stock
Aerosol to AirwaysVisible Valve MovementImproves Inhaler Technique..
KES 891
Excluding Tax:KES 768
Accu-chek Active
Out Of Stock
Blood Glucose Monitoring..
KES 1,726
Excluding Tax:KES 1,726
Anti-bacterial soapIt is perfectly formulated to protect the skin against pimple causing bacterial while providing the skin with necessary moisture and nourishmentWash the body with Acnes soap twice a day for effective results..
KES 235
Excluding Tax:KES 203
Tretinoine Acnesol cream For the treatment of acne and pimples ..
KES 144
Excluding Tax:KES 144
Gut health is of the utmost importance and helps build up strong immune and digestive system which ultimately affects your other bodily functionsActilife Daily Flora provides 30 billion cfu of multiple strains of live, probiotic cultures with FOS.Probiotic blend of 4 strains30 billion cfuLactobacill..
KES 631
Excluding Tax:KES 631
Actin Spray 75g
Out Of Stock
For quick relief from pain swelling and inflammation..
KES 368
Excluding Tax:KES 368
Aluminium Axillary Crutches (pair) Size 2
Out Of Stock
Aluminium Axillary Crutches (Pair) ..
KES 2,656
Excluding Tax:KES 2,656
Aneroid Sphygmomanometer
Out Of Stock
Professional quality gaugeWith nylon cuffLatex inflation system with precise metal valve..
KES 890
Excluding Tax:KES 768
Aquasoft Moisturizing Lotion 100ml
Out Of Stock
it helps to instantly soothe and nourish dehydrated skin reduces roughness,leaving skin feeling soft,smooth and moisturizedit is all season moisturizing lotion and suitable for all skin types..
KES 352
Excluding Tax:KES 352
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