It is that time of the year once again, and children are back to school. How exciting it is to see them proceed onto the next class, make new friends and grow. We also get to catch some quiet in the house for a few hours. This is however the time they catch the flu, stomach bugs and other minor ailments the most. Let’s look at how we can prevent this and also improve their immunity;


Children’s hands are carriers for a lot of dirt and germs which they get as they play outside, exchange toys, pens, rulers etc. At times, they may touch their food with unwashed hands or even have their hands in their mouths. Frequently remind them to wash their hands with soap and water as frequently as possible; after playing outside, before eating, after visiting the toilet or any other time they are visibly dirty.

You can also pack an alcohol based sanitizer in their bags. However, if the hands are visibly dirty, hands have to be washed with soap and water.


We are what we eat. A healthy, balanced diet is essential for good health. Ensure that children get their daily dietary requirements, including greens and fruits. A meal plan could help in meal prepping and ensure that all food groups are covered on a daily basis.  Snack are tasty, but should be consumed in moderation and not affect consumption of main meals.


Keeping children hydrated with water, milk enhances brain function, improves digestion and aids fatigue. Try to eliminate sugary fizzy drinks and avoid caffeine in children.


Sleep helps in boosting immunity, and children require up to 10 hours of sleep a night to be well rested. Maintain regular sleep timings so that they get adequate sleep, and also to avoid those morning struggles we all know of. Afternoon naps are encouraged in younger children to give them an energy boost to finish the day.


We all advocate hygiene, but know very well that dirty hands and pens will end up in the mouth one way or another. Deworm children every three months to get rid of intestinal parasites that will cause stomach problems. For consistency, you could decide that will be done at the beginning of school terms.


An extra immunity boost couldn’t hurt anyone. In addition to healthy habits, immune boosters like vitamin C help to prevent colds and flu, and hasten the recovery time should one catch it. Available in form of delicious chewable tablets or effervescent tablets that you dissolve in water and drink, a once daily dose is enough to keep the doctor away!



Adjusting to a new class and probably new teachers and activities could be a bit too much to take in. Take time to ask how they are doing and listen to their worries or struggles. Find solutions together and suggest ways to help them relax when overwhelmed like drawing, coloring, games.